What is LineStraX

Various Lines are constantly around us everyday. They are in trees, phones, desk's, chairs, and almost every design in the world starts with just a simple line! You may start to wonder what is the difference between Abstract art and Linestrax art? Abstract art consists of using shapes, colors, textures, and lots of splattered paint! However, Linestrax art consists of various different lines being put together in one project to create something unique. This was a concept made by myself because as I grew into the artist I am today, I started to notice that my style was different from others and wanted to give my style of art a name. In all of my Linestrax pieces, my different gestures of lines comes from my imagination and emotions I am feeling at the time. The great thing about this is after drawing that piece, I could never draw that piece again. I love this characteristic about my art because it comes out different each time and gives my fans something to look forward to each time my pieces are created.