Visionary behind Linestrax

WASHINGTON DC - Linestrax is a new, invigorating art form created by young artist Taseen Abdulbarr that focuses on abstract lines to create vivid stories. He is on the way to becoming a prominent artist in the D.C. metro area and sells most of his pieces from anywhere between $600-$1200. In addition to making some high-dollar sales, he is beginning to create Linestrax-inspired clothing that has sold for $500+.
Linestrax is a combination of the word “line” and “abstract”. The canvases and plywood he draws on are transformed into intricate pieces where each small, individual line is part of a larger, more complex design. The story behind his pieces are as interesting to hear, as the bright colors and attention to detail in his works are to view.
“I am a huge nerd, so I love anything science fiction related. For example, one of my pieces, called The Race to The Universe, is a story about aliens who are competing to make it to the center of the universe. Only a select few of the aliens make it because they are the ones who worked the hardest, and think that’s also a concept that’s true in life on Earth.”
Abdulbarr’s interest in worlds beyond our realm of understanding and determination as an artist is reflected in most all of his work. He uses his passion to push his limits in creating extraordinarily dynamic pieces that usually take more than 60 hours of studio time to finish.
“I want to work hard and beat competition while inspiring other artists to create their own voice. Nothing is going to be handed to you in life, if you want it you have to take it.”
Although he is young, Abdulbarr has the confidence, skills, and motivation that most argue is necessary for success. This Washingtonian is defiantly one to keep an eye out for as he continues to perfect his craft in New York next fall.