The Race to the Universe


Image of The Race to the Universe

In almost all my pieces they each have a sci-fi story that comes up to my mind with fictional characters and places! In this piece "The Race To The Universe" you have the most powerful aliens in the world after one thing....The Universe. However not all makes it to the top, in fact some may say only the strong survive. In this painting you will see plenty of glitter spectacles. In each spectacle you see that is a alien life form ship trying to make it to the center universe in the painting. In addition, you will notice that there was plenty of glitter spectacles that were on the painting but only a few of them made it to the universe. What this means is that we all have our dreams and goals but only a few of us actually fulfill those dreams and actually making it a reality. Most of the aliens mindsets were if you dream and believe it then you achieve it, whereas the ones who didn't was unsure if they were going to make it or not. Always believe in yourself!