Rainforest Nightmare


Image of Rainforest Nightmare

*Limited Black foam board (Original Painting)
Size: 8 in X 10 in
Framed or Unframed Your choice!

This piece is apart of the Rainforest Nightmare collection. Most may say rainforest's are one the most beautiful places. However, in this rainforest it is the complete opposite. The nightmares of the rainforest consist of no sunlight, and one of the most dangerous creatures. These creatures are called the Bhezicons. The Bhezicons have ruled this dark forest for centuries, and have rid of any visitors visiting this dark forest. These creatures were once rulers from the Xulix Galaxy until they were overthrown by the Beast of the Tautals. They made a vow that day to never be beaten again. The remaining Bhezicons fled their fallen galaxy and landed to a sweet loving rainforest that was owned by the Bisavs. Consumed of hatred and revenge the Bhezicons got rid of these loving creatures and made this once loving forest into their dark rainforest. That was the last day the sun rose that day. Ever since the Bhezicons took over, the sun never shone again and turned into a dark place full of revenge and power. That place is now known as Rainforest Nightmares.


Image of Rainforest Nightmare Image of Rainforest Nightmare